Instructions manual

We have designed an instructions manual to learn the rules and play Pentegrammai, Duodecim Scriptorum, Astragalos and other games from Antiquity. | Download the PDF (french version)

Girl learning how to play with knuckelbones and Duodecim scriptorum / Alea (Credits Hanna Ammar)

Educational museum movies

A series of seven movies to discover how children played in antiquity. Each movie focuses on an ancient object that it brings to life and animates with the complicity of Fribourg’s children. Filming locations: the Roman House in Augusta Raurica, the Swiss museum of games in la Tour-de-Peilz and the Fribourg countryside.

Scientific direction : Véronique Dasen, Ulrich Schädler | Realisation: François Vermot | Music: EDWAN

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