The Callisto Database was set up in 2010 by the eponymous research team of Fribourg University focusing on material culture and visual/textual representations of children in ancient societies. The goal of this project consists in creating a database of all iconographic resources useful for teaching and research on themes related to the history of the body and medicine, the history of children (nutrition, funerary cults) and game culture, through the lenses of gender studies, visual and material anthropology.

Callisto is an important tool for the renewal of research on children and family history and ancient game culture since it brings together a wide set of visual material from the Minoan period to the late Middle Age (2000 BCE.- 2000 CE). These documents, are often inaccessible and/or unknown. Each entry includes a detailed commentary of the object which reflects different interpretations and links to downloadable scientific papers (PDF).

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