Véronique DASEN

Véronique DASEN

Project Leader

Véronique Dasen is professor of classical archaeology at the University of Fribourg. Her research is led in a multidisciplinary and anthropological perspective. Her research interests range from ancient iconography and material culture, the history of the body, of medicine and of magical practices to gender studies, history of childhood and ludic culture (games and divination, games and love, passage rites).

Academia profile (publications, papers and lectures)
University of Fribourg webpage (cv, collaborations and projects)
Personal website: www.pentelitha.ch



Senior researchers

PhD Students

  • Hanna AMMAR | Academia | WebpageEnfance en jeux: représentations des activités infantiles dans la céramique attique des Ve et IVe siècles av. J.-C. (Childhood at play: depictions of children’s game and play on Attic vases from the 5th and 4th centuries BC), co-supervision with Gabriella Pironti (Greek Religion), École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris: 2017-2021.
  • Thomas DANIAUX | Academia | La culture ludique de Gaule romaine, co-supervision with Dominique Frère, Roman Archaeology, Université de Bretagne: 2018-2022.


Other collaborators

Invited researchers

  • Christian LAES (Invited professor, University of Manchester, UK, FNS Scientific Exchange Grant 1.10.2017-31.3.2018) | university webpage | Academia | team photo
  • Adrien DELAHAYE (University of Caen), research grant of the University of Fribourg 1.2-31.5.2019 | Academia
  • Audrey GOUY (Paris ENS) research grant of the University of Fribourg 1.2-30.4.2019 (Marie Curie grantee 2019-2021) | TEXDANCE |
  • Edwige LOVERGNE (UMR 8546 – AorOc) | Academia | Research grant of the University of Fribourg (15.2.2020-30.4.2020).
  • Claudia LAMBRUGO (Invited professor, University of Milan “La Statale”, I, FNS Scientific Exchange Grant 1.12.2020-28.2.2021) |university webpage | Academia