Véronique DASEN

Véronique DASEN

Project Leader

Véronique Dasen is professor of classical archaeology at the University of Fribourg. Her research is led in a multidisciplinary and anthropological perspective. Her research interests range from ancient iconography and material culture, the history of the body, of medicine and of magical practices to gender studies, history of childhood and ludic culture (games and divination, games and love, passage rites).

Academia profile (publications, papers and lectures)
University of Fribourg webpage (cv, collaborations and projects)

Interview with Véronique Dasen and Ulrich Schädler to present the Archéothéma publication about games


Senior researchers

PhD Students

  • Hanna AMMAR | Academia | Enfance en jeux dans le monde grec classique (Childhood at play in Classical Greece), co-supervision with Gabriella Pironti, Greek Religion, EPHE, Paris: 2017-2021.
  • Thomas DANIAUX | Academia | La culture ludique de Gaule romaine, co-supervision with Dominique Frère, Roman Archaeology, Université de Bretagne: 2018-2022.


  • Alexandra ATTIA | Academia | Play, game, gender and sociability in Italiote vase painting: 2019-2021.
  • Salvatore COSTANZA | Academia |Commented edition of play and games in Pollux, Onomasticon: 2017-2019.
  • Alessandro PACE | Academia | GIS for the team, and research on play and games in Pompei, Herculanum and Ostia: 2019-2021.
  • Marco VESPA | Webpage| Commented anthology of Greek and Latin sources on play and games: 2018-2020.
Other collaborators
  • Hélène BECQUELIN | website | Illustrator. She created the painting of the erotes (locus ludi logo).
  • Alrick DEILLON: informatics, NTE center (Callisto database, Ludus database, Notion workspace)
  • Alexandre G. MITCHELL, D.Phil | Academia | Expressum | Research on ancient visual humour. Technical collaboration: strategy, creation and maintenance of the site of locusludi.ch and translation of articles/books produced by ERC Locus ludi.
  • Steve SIMONS and Sonya NEVIN | Panoply project
  • Prof. Ernst STROUHAL, Florian BETTEL | Causa creations/Gentle Troll Entertainment. University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Reconstruction of four ancient games in two variants on PC and smartphones: Pente Grammai, Duodecim Scripta/alea, Ludus Latrunculorum, Three men’s Morris | Project Locus Ludi

Invited researchers

  • Dr. Audrey GOUY (Paris ENS) research grant of the University of Fribourg 1.2-30.4.2019 (Marie Curie grantee 2019-2021) |TEXDANCE| Academia
  • Christian LAES (Invited professor, University of Manchester, UK, FNS Scientific Exchange Grant 1.10.2017-31.3.2018)  | university webpage | Academia | team photo